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DXZ13 had a shallow bounce, similar to ZBZ13 but different because US Dollar has implications of upside bias unless price does two things.  One, if price fails to push and hold above 81.381 and two, breaks down 80.617.
11-10-2013 DX D
The Dollar has been in a bearish cross downtrend until price held above 80.617, so a hold back below there could re-validate the bearish cross and attempt to complete harmonic pattern, the green Butterfly, at 77.955 or the Crab at 76.001.
The current issue is, price is also holding below the GRZ (Golden Ratio Zone) 81.381 and increases the probability of testing 82.098 and or 82.814 with a hold above 81.381, which has not occurred yet.
So price is in between two GRZ’s, so a hold inside one or the other offers a clue for directional bias.  The great thing about once price is inside the GRZ, the other side of it also becomes an important level to hold or break.