Premium Members Charts for DX_F, AAPL & SPY 7/14/2013

7-15-2013 DX MTS

DX inside megaphone consolidation on daily perspective, in between opposing emerging patterns on intraday perspective.

  • Day chart shows 4th rejection of the upper resistance of the megaphone portrayed with the blue trendlines has pulled back into a GRZ (golden ratio zone).
  • The break and hold of this zone offers a clue as to which megaphone line test is attempted
  • Intraday hourly chart shows price is in between two opposing emerging patterns, note this contraction is occurring inside the daily GRZ.
  • The intraday chart has 83.425 as the initial resistance test, a close and hold above there increases the probability of completing the emerging green Bearish Bat at 84.363 with a scaling point at 83.830
  • A close and hold below 82.600 has 82.090 target.


7-15-2013 AAPL MTS


Will AAPL downside bias continue?

AAPL bigger picture shows an emerging Bullish Crab

  • The completion of this pattern has a target of 343.46
  • The initial breakdown point is 422.99, below there has the bottom of a GRZ (golden ratio zone) target 414.93, a breakdown there has important support test 389.55
  • A breakdown of 389.55 increases the probability of completing the pattern at 342.46 with scaling points at 368.82, 360.44 and 351.45.

In the meantime, there’s a blue emerging pattern, a Bearish Bat

  • A hold above 431.04 has ideal target at 449.32 to complete the Bat, however a red trendline and 442.50 fib offer a scaling point which means these resistance levels are potential rejection points as well.
  • This is a great example how two opposing patterns can still play out, providing the Bat is the first completion and provides the reversal point







7-15-2013 SPY MTS

SPY Line in The Sand at 169.07

SPY has two emerging patterns that is imperative that 169.07 is not breached

  • As long as 169.07 is not breached the ideal downside target is the double bullish PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone aka pattern completion targets) at 143.96
  • The probability of this scenario playing out increases with a hold below the GRZ (golden ratio zone) 160.24, then increases moreso with the break down of 155.73
  • A hold above 169.07 invalidates both of those patterns and increases the probability of testing extension targets 173.29 and 175