Premium Harmonic Charts for the week of 02/06/2017

Mo/Wk/Day SL’s (Day SL’s change daily): ES_F, NQ_F, CL_F, GC_F, SPY


STDayCharts levels:  ES_F, NQ_F, CL_F, GC_F & IWM, QQQ, SPY

STHarmonics levels are included in all charts I post in the blog

Refresh STLevels for updates. Sometimes you need to click f5 first.

Please refer to these charts for the week, these are the bigger harmonic scenarios & these levels are to be referred to when an intraday scenario is exceeded.

Intraday Charts:

Some members only trade futures, others stocks or ETF’s.  It’s not meant for an individual to trade all these instruments at once, but rather choose favorites.  The best trades are those that one is able to focus on, so two or three max is suggested, to watch or trade.  I suggest setting alerts at distinct targets then you don’t have to watch each instrument.

There are some short videos for members for the Terminology Page.  You need to be an active member and logged into Structural Trading to have access to them.  It is a work in progress so please be patient for me to complete the whole list.  You can access it two ways, use this link:  OR when you go to just hover your mouse of the “Help” tab and you’ll see listed Terminology Videos, the titles that are colored in blue have a video.  This will be updated as time permits.  Make sure when you click on the title, that you scroll down to the bottom to choose which recording to watch because you may have choices, example:

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