Premarket and End of Day Harmonic Trading Charts 11/1/13

 The end of day charts are the preliminary harmonic analysis for globex and following day’s premarket setups

**Note – the end of day charts have been changed from 15 min charts to STRenko bar charts, they are still considered intraday charts and designed to cut out the noise, if you do not have STRenko bars, the levels can still be applied to 15 min or hour charts **

11-1-2013 6E 15m 11-1-2013 6E EOD

11-1-2013 CL 15m  11-1-2013 CL EOD

11-1-2013 DAX 15m 11-1-2013 DAX EOD

11-1-2013 ES 15m 11-1-2013 ES EOD

11-1-2013 GC 15m11-1-2013 GC EOD

11-1-2013 NQ 15m 11-1-2013 NQ EOD

11-1-2013 SPY EOD 11-1-2013 TF EOD