Premarket and End of Day 7/23/13

 The end of day charts are the preliminary harmonic analysis for globex and tomorrow’s premarket … note – in case you missed it in the room, I have a fundraiser tomorrow for Rally for the Cure so will be leaving right after the premarket analysis, the room will be open as well as the other room to view MTS chatroom, click here for that room link.  Thank you – K

7-23-2013 6E 15m 7-23-2013 6E EOD

7-23-2013 CL 15m 7-23-2013 CL EOD

7-23-2013 DAX 15m 7-23-2013 DAX EOD

7-23-2013 ES 15m 7-23-2013 ES EOD

7-23-2013 NQ 15m 7-23-2013 NQ EOD

7-23-2013 TF EOD 7-23-2013 ZB EOD