Did you miss Saturday’s Webinar? Here’s the recordings

To view each presenter, just click on the “Watch Webinar Replay Now” button under each presenter, mine will be under MTS.  Click here for those links
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Here’s a list of the Presentations:
10AM – Nick Pirraglia Will Be Presenting…
”Creating A Position Size Matrix To Control
11AM – Bennett McDowell Will Be Presenting…
“Top Secrets For Picking High Probability Trades!”
12PM – Kathy Garber Will Be Presenting…
“Trading Harmonic Patterns Can Lower Risk
& Stay In To Targets!”
1PM – Dan Passarelli Will Be Presenting…
“How I Trade Credit Spreads!”
2PM – Serge Berger Will Be Presenting…
“Multiple High Probability Swing Trading Setups”
Here’s additional details on each presenter:
Creating A Position Size Matrix To Control Risk – Nick Pirraglia
Nick is a 20 year veteran including time managing two Dallas based capital management companies and trading equities for a Dallas based hedge fund. Nick has trained and mentored thousands of customers in the rigors of trading, technical analysis and risk controls. He has designed and managed two automated trading platforms.
Top Secrets For Picking High Probability Trades – Bennett McDowell
Bennett McDowell, founder of TradersCoach.com for this In this live
webinar will show: How to uncover break out trends before they happen,
What his unique use of multiple time frame analysis can do for you,
Trend line techniques that make all the difference And Why risk control
is essential and how to use it correctly!
Trading Harmonic Patterns To Lower Risk & Stay In To Targets – Kathy Garber
Kathy is a Structured Coach, Analyst/Contributing Partner with MrTopStep creates structured trading setups using Harmonic Patterns, Fibonacci Ratios and Volume Profile.  Harmonics offer an understanding of price action which is King, and risk management which is Queen.  Fibonacci Ratios and Extensions are an intricate part of Harmonics as well.
How I Trade Credit Spreads – Dan Passarelli
Learn how to trade options credit spreads. Credit spreads are one of the most popular option strategies, and for good reason. Traders can set up high-probability trades and stack the odds in their favor. Join Dan and learn how to find, set up and manage credit spread trades in this exciting, interactive presentation.
Multiple High Probability Swing Trading Setups  – Serge Berger
Serge has been an active trader since 1998. During his career
he’s been a financial analyst, dealt in fixed income instruments
at JP Morgan, and was a proprietary trader in equities, equity
options and futures. Over the years he’s created a trading
methodology that divides markets into different time-frames &
characters, allowing me to more clearly and without emotions
determine which strategies to apply in which situations.
His training focuses only on the highest probability setups and
follow strict rules.