Two things!  First congratulations to Roque & Ronald for winning the drawings at the NT webinar today!

Second, I am out of town and traveling again tomorrow.  I will return home on Monday, so I am not in the room as normal the rest of this week.  The other thing is … dang it I was so excited about being able to access my home computer through my laptop & accessing all my “stuff”, so I didn’t have to upload & update all my “stuff” on my laptop … well back home, there is area internet outage and I cannot access it until the internet is turned back on … so … my apologies for no EOD charts, hopefully it’ll be back up by morning when I do analysis for the day, if not, I’ll improvise from here.

I really appreciate your patience and understanding, it isn’t something I typically share, but I haven’t been removed from the computer in totality for 5 years, even during girls golf trips, or short vacations with my husband, So this was another trip that I was intending to carry on with my commitment to my members but the forces that be are preventing me at this particular time, so I reckon I’ll rest. I am available via email and again, the morning will be dealt with somehow.

Thank you!  Kathy