AAPL In Detail


5-27-2013 AAPL MTS


AAPL attempting to retrace a large Bullish Bat, the ideal minimum retracement target being 507.33.

A small Inverse Head & Shoulders could help achieve this target.  Failure to get above this small H&S

neckline around 463 implies attempt to test larger Head & Shoulders and Bullish Crab completion targets.

  • The line in the sand for the larger perspective is 385.10, as long as can hold above there keeps the GRZ (Golden Ratio Zone) target 507.33 in play with scaling points at the large and inverse small Head & Shoulder necklines.
  • Smaller perspective shows price stalling in between opposing emerging patterns, comprising of double pattern completion confluence
  • Currently an attempt to break above a resistance trendline (red), a hold above this trendline has Double Bearish pattern PRZ (potential reversal zone aka completion targets) at 455.70 with scaling points 448.35 & 451.32.
  • A break through 455.7 implies large intraday emerging Bullish Gartley (blue) still forming the BC leg, having 465.75 as the extreme for this scenario with scaling point 460.41.
  • A hold below 448.35 or back below red trendline has 435.79 initial important support test target, a break down there has Double Bullish PRZ target 401 with important scaling targets at 422.26, 418.9 & 410.89.