AAPL Breaks Down 419

AAPL hold on as long as possible, but alas, that level got weary and failed to hold.  When a level has held for quite some time and gives up, it’s a good idea to go further out and see a bigger picture.
4-18-2013 AAPL MTS
  • The daily chart shows price has tested all levels of a Bullish Gartley, now the key is whether a retracement of any significance can occur with a hold above 402.28
  • The top of the zone 436.45 is the initial key level for a resistance test, followed by the daily H&S neckline and 493.87 level
  • A breakdown of 402.28 has the Bullish Garfly PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone) target that correlates with H&S 100% target and ABCD 161.8% target with a scaling point at confluence target 363.32
  • The daily zones are shown on the intraday chart on the right, the bottom of the zone has correlation with an Ideal AB=CD and 127.2% extension target, so this implies a potential bounce point into resistance, the initial target being 419 … there’s that 419 number again!
  • A breakdown 401.16 has initial confluence target 387.02, below there the ideal target is the Daily Bullish Garfly and the gray fibs being scaling points along the way