I discovered harmonic patterns thanks to Kathy in winter of 2011. Though initially sceptical, I realized that they really worked with an amazing accuracy. It was obvious when I applied harmonic patterns to past swing trades in GOOG and AAPL, I could have stayed in that trade till the pattern was complete. Kathy’s insight helped me incredibly. The more I became familiar with these patterns, the more confident I grew and boy oh boy, what a big difference harmonics made to my trading attitude and results.

Nowadays I start my trading day looking for patterns or assessing established ones both in /ES and /TF and leader stocks I trade daily. My recommendation to traders out there is to get the methodology right on trading with harmonics and Kathy is definitely the best out there. I personally believe these next 2 years will be great for technology stocks and the trading opportunities will drive a new bull market, so now is the time to get yourself ready with the right set of skills. Good luck

Noel Zara,


Dear Fellow Traders,

Ever wonder why market trends, correlations and so called ‘Market Signals’ go against you so often?  I’ve wondered the same thing while taking heavy losses in the market place during my earlier trading days.   Since then, I’ve learned (hard way) that these signals (hindsight) and trends are not dependable when used alone.  Thru the untrained eyes, markets may appear to move and swing in a chaotic, and random manner.  However, if you can learn to see under the veil, there lies a beautiful ‘Structure’ underneath that can be measured and predicted with greater accuracy.

Ever heard the adage: “don’t chase, but let the price come to you.”  While the statement is true, it’s much easier said than being done.  To a conventional trader, it doesn’t provide the answers to the three ultimate questions:  When and what is the correct entry / and exit? And what is the optimum stop tolerance / risk management).  As you learn to recognize and measure these patterns with Kathy, as I have, you will begin to recognize the beauty of the market structure and rhythm, and thereby taking your trading execution / accuracy to a whole new level.

I highly recommend everyone to learn the Market Harmonics, as it will truly transform your trading style and profitability.  And with Kathy’s amalgam of Fibonacci Ratios, Harmonic Patterns and Fractal Market / Volume Profile analysis, I can’t think of a better person to learn from than Kathy.  Kathy’s Holistic view / analysis of the markets is by far the most accurate that I know of.  I am truly grateful to have found her and for everything she has taught me, and look forward to continuing my studies with her.

Kathy: Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me!

FractalHIS  https://twitter.com/#!/FractalHIS


I met Kathy about 2 years ago when she was moderating Anne- Marie trading room. I was immediately struck by her patience and her willingness to answer same questions over and over again. She has PATIENCE in abundance, a very good quality to have for a trader and a teacher.

Second thing i noticed about Kathy as to how hard she works every day. I remember Anne-Marie telling me that Kathy spends 2-3 hours every day drawing up levels, patterns. We are getting all the experience and knowledge of an excellent trader. My nick name for Kathy is ” MONEY MAKER”. It has been for over a year now.

The reason is simple. I make money every day from Kathy pre market charts and analysis. I can not draw identify and draw patterns like Kathy does. I do not have the talent. I am a trader and feel lucky to have access to her talent.

I maintain a free open trading journal where i use Kathy charts every day to day trade crude.




Hello Traders,
Simple words cannot describe how helpful Kathy has been in my quest to become consistent with intraday trading.  I have been swing trading for more than a decade with moderate success but had awful difficulty gaining any traction in intraday trading.  I would gain a decent amount one day only to lose it all and then some next few days.  The frustration was unbelievable.  I tried all kinds of indicators out there – stochastics, macd, cci, adx, rsi, moving averages, etc, etc, you name them.  I even tried developing my own indicator in search of the holy grail.  But like all the rest of them, it’d work in one environment only to fail in others.
Then one day in 2011, on stocktwits, I saw Kathy’s post with her analysis on crude oil.  At first, it was all mumble jumble to me so I disregarded it.  In fact with unfamiliar lines going all over the chart I thought only a psycho would draw lines like that and she needed professional help.
Ironically, though, a few months later I saw another trader on stocktwits nail tops and bottoms in CL with ridiculously amazing accuracy.  It was with such precision that a navy seal sniper would be proud of.  After twitting back and forth, he opened my eyes to harmonic patterns and in fact highly recommended Kathy’s posts.  So it began – the end of my inconsistent daytrading and a path to a whole new level of understanding the market and intraday trading.
Looking back, I wish trading wasn’t such a lonely gig for us remote traders or that I had found Kathy earlier in my trading career.  I sure could have avoided wiping out a few daytrading accounts not to mention heartaches.  Today, I have no indicator on my charts except for a few fib levels.  I have less stress and my intraday trading is becoming enjoyable and almost as consistent as my swing trading.  I owe this newfound level to harmonics and the best teacher of it all is Kathy.  If you are stuck in 2nd gear and have trouble shifting to the next level in trading, I highly HIGHLY recommend her service.
(Tip to new traders/subscribers – read Kathy’s charts for the next day before going to bed.  Come up with your own analysis and compare.  Next morning, listen to her video analysis as she updates what happened overnight.  Adjust your fib lines if necessary.  Then, just sit and wait for the price to come to Kathy’s levels.  Let the price come to you.  Do not chase.  If the market action doesn’t pan out the way Kathy analyzed, then sit tight.  Save your ammo for the next day.  It’s better to save your energy for the right environment than to lose your hard earned money in an unfamiliar setting where your foes have set a trap for you.  If you do this, one trade will more than pay for the entire year’s worth of subscription.  Then, as you gain more experience and accumulate cushion in your trading account, do your own analysis during market hours and trade accordingly.)
Have a happy journey, everyone.