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What is Structural Trading About? 

High Probability Trade Setups

  • When Fibonacci levels, Harmonics and Volume Profile line up to form a zone, whether it be for a target or potential reversal area, it increases your probability of successful entries and exits.   High probability setups can significantly reduce your risk.
  • Although Fibs, Harmonic Patterns and Volume Profile combined increase the probability of successful setups, it is my consensus at Structural Trading that Fibs are a definite compliment for either Harmonics or Volume Profile.

Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions

  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions are a great tool  for finding  key support and resistance levels, entries, targets and exits.   Fibonacci analysis is beneficial for complimenting harmonics or volume profile setups.

Volume Profile

  • Volume profile offers you an understanding of how the market auctions price, giving targets, potential rejection points and consolidation areas.

Harmonic Patterns

  • Harmonic patterns grant you a clearer understanding of market symmetry and have specific Fibonacci retracements and extensions, offering you methodical trading guidelines.  Some of the patterns taught here are ABCD, Gartley, Butterfly, Bat and Crab.