Premium Preview: YM_F Dowsing For Harmonics

YM_F is in Retrace Mode of green colored Bullish Butterfly and is currently testing it's ideal minimum target as outlined by the gray GRZ (Golden Ratio Zone aka the area between the 38.2% and 61.8% retrace fibs) at 17707.

2016-05-09_YM 50r

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I'm using a STRange 50 bar chart for an intraday perspective, it shows that due to expansion there's a probable stall or pull back into 17618 area.  But once price can hold inside the GRZ, the key is where price can break and hold beyond it.

There's two emerging Bat patterns that increase in probability of being fulfilled with a couple of things to watch for, initially to hold below 17707 and more important to hold below the green PRZ.  The Bat PRZ targets are 17388 and 17144 with a potential breach to 17141.

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