Premium Harmonic Intraday Trading Charts for 08/21/2015

When intraday levels or patterns are exceeded or invalidated, please refer to charts posted for the week, click here.

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The stock charts posted so far this wk have same harmonic scenario if there's no updated chart.  The Day Swordlines for ES, NQ, CL, SPY, AAPL, BIDU can be refreshed using the STLevels indicator.  These charts just show the Week and Month Swordlines.

2015-08-21_ES 20t 2015-08-21_NQ 30t 2015-08-21_CL30t 2015-08-21_DX H 2015-08-21_6E 30t2015-08-21_SPY H2015-08-21_TF 30t2015-08-21_NFLX H2015-08-21_AAPL H





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