Harmonics At A Glance I & II

For the 11/11/15 webinar recording, please click here.

For the 11/17/15 webinar recording, please click here.

Here's an example of using divergence at a Swordline for intraday short opportunity (thank you Tyra)  http://screencast.com/t/yQNGP58Ja

Below are some questions and answers from 11/11 webinar.

Question:  What is the link for the 1 month trial?  Answer:  http://bit.ly/1MuUaji

Question:  Does the trial emerge into an automatic recurring charge at the normal price?  Answer:  No, if you'd like to continue,  you'll have to subscribe on the site, click here for indicators and click here for Gold membership.

Question:  Is Structural Trading only ideal for swing trading?  Answer:  It's good for any type of trades, however the larger timeframe charts' levels will be more important for intraday / daytrading areas of interest.

Question:  Will the harmonic patterns show up automatically on subscriber's chart?  Answer:  No, the actual levels will auto plot on your charts, using the STLevels indicator, these are levels that are manually input by me for harmonic scenarios and by Tyra for Swordlines so they do not cover all instruments, just the ones we look at.  You can draw the harmonic patterns yourselves to line up with the levels using the STZones drawing tool.

Question:  What is the efficacy for timeframe charts when using the STRange bars?  Answer:  There is no exact match between range & time bars since they are created by different means of data.  Here are some close matches to give you an idea of how they look different.  It'll actually boil down to a personal preference.

Larger perspective:

STRg ES 40R4H STRg CL 50R4H STRg BIDU 200R60m

Intraday perspective:

STRg ES 6R5m STRg CL 20R5m STRg AAPL 20R10m

So that covers the current questions/comments.  Thank you for attending!  Hope to see you next week but in the meantime please contact me if you have any questions.