Announcement – Motive Wave Hot Days of Summer Sale


Sale starts Thursday, July 23rd and is for 8 days only.  If you'd like to see harmonic patterns draw on your charts automatically, or scan for specific or all harmonic patterns, plus so much more, this is a recommended platform.

The discount is 20% off all MotiveWave Lifetime Licenses, Leases and Add-On Modules (excluding the Charts Edition and Additional 1 Year of Updates and Support)

The discount will be added to MotiveWave profiles in their system in time for the start of the sale (the person must have a free trial or paid profile in our system to purchase) so if you sign up for the trial prior to Thursday, you'll be in their system.  Make sure you see the discount applied before being asked to pay, if not please contact BEFORE the end of the sale and BEFORE purchasing.