Announcement For ST Members

I wanted everyone to know I'm taking a vacation, actually it is a well-deserved time off for my husband who would really love for me to spend this time with him vs spending time with the computer.

We are travelling on Thursday, Feb 20th and Friday the 21st towards our destination and returning on Friday the 28th so during this time I will not be doing the premarket analysis or end of day charts.

I will do a larger harmonic scenario for the week, and the live charts will still be shared in the room link with Swordlines and my STPesavento dots, but the intraday harmonic patterns which can change daily sometimes will not be created until I return.

If you need help, please email me and I will respond.  So, I'll do premarket and end of day analysis for tomorrow (2/18) and Wednesday (2/19), then I'll be headed out.  I will also look at the markets and see if something drastic has occurred for my weekly perspective, if so, I'll post the adjustments.