Requesting Your Input Results

On Jan 4th I posted the Input Request below.  I've tallied up the results, click here.

Before I address my decisions and answers to questions, please let me know if I missed someones comments/suggestions.

Thank you - Kathy


I'm in the process of improving Structural Trading.  If you're willing to give me your input, it could help me fine tune some of the decisions.  Please reply to


  1.  Do you benefit more by comments or the levels / drawings themselves on the charts?
  2.  Do you prefer written analysis or short videos?
  3.  Do you prefer long term or intraday analysis?
  4.  Do you benefit more by detailed or condensed comments?
  5.  If there were a weekly webinar or learning session, would that be of interest to you?
  6.  Do yo prefer futures, stocks or both?
  7.  Which is more important to you, trading strategies? Analysis?  Or both?
  8.  Any other comments/ suggestions?

Thank you,


Premium Harmonic Charts for the week of 02/20/2017


Monday is US holiday, so new analysis after these charts won’t occur until for Wednesday. Mo/Wk/Day SL’s (Day SL’s change daily): ES_F, NQ_F, CL_F, GC_F, SPY Mo/Wk SL’s:  AAPL, GLD, IWM, QQQ, XLE, XRT STDayCharts levels:  ES_F, NQ_F, CL_F, GC_F … Continue reading